sphingotest® pro-NT

  • Proneurotensin (pro-NT) is a stable surrogate marker for Neurotensin5
  • Elevated fasting plasma levels of pro-NT are associated with an increased risk of Breast cancer2,3
  • For Obesity risk prediction see here
  • For Cardiovascular disease prediction see here

sphingotest® pro-ENK

  • pro-ENK is a stable surrogate marker for the unstable peptide hormones Met- and Leu-Enkephalin6
  • Low fasting plasma levels of pro-ENK are associated with an increased risk of breast cancer4

Medical Utility of pro-NT & pro-ENK

  1. Prediction of increased breast cancer risk in order to intensify diagnostic measures or to support hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
  2. Prevention of disease by keeping pro-NT levels in a “low risk range”, e.g. by adapting nutritional habits or by life-style adjustments

sphingotest® pro-NT/pro-ENK Immunoassays

  • sphingotest® pro-NT measures a stable fragment of the Neurotensin precursor Proneurotensin (pro-NT)
  • sphingotest® pro-ENK measures a stable mid-regional fragment of the Enkephalin precursor Proenkephalin (pro-ENK) as surrogate for the unstable Enkephalins
  • The sphingotest® pro-NT/pro-ENK Broschure can be downloaded here.


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