pro-NT & CVD prediction in women

  • Elevated fasting plasma levels of pro-NT are associated with increased risk of cardiovascular diseases in women3,4
  • pro-NT release is stimulated by the uptake of fatty acids
  • Cardiovascular disease risk can be monitored by sphingotest® pro-NT and influenced by diet and life-style adjustments

vr-hGH & CVD prediction in men

  • High plasma levels of Human Growth Hormone hGH are associated with cardiovascular disease and mortality5
  • sphingotest® vr-hGH is an ultra sensitive immunoassay for hGH, indicating the vascular risk in men
  • Prediction of cardiovascular risk in men (Hazard Ratio greater than 15) for guidance of cardiovascular check-up
  • Prevention of disease: Identified risk can be counteracted with ACEi/ARB therapy – independent of blood pressure

sphingotest® Immunoassays

sphingotest® pro-NT Immunoassay

  • sphingotest® pro-NT utilizes a stable fragment of the Neurotensin precursor molecule (Proneurotensin) that is produced in the same ratio as Neurotensin
  • The sphingotest® pro-NT Broschure can be downloaded here

sphingotest® vr-hGH Immunoassay

  • sphingotest® vr-hGH is an ultra sensitive assay for Human Groth Hormone (hGH), indicating the vascular risk in men
  • The only IVD method to determine the low fasting plasma levels in men
  • The sphingotest® vr-hGH Broschure can be downloaded here




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