Proneurotensin (pro-NT)

  • Elevated fasting plasma levels of pro-NT are associated with increased risk of:
    – Obesity2
    – Cardiovascular diseases3,4 Read more…
    – Breast cancer4,5 Read more…
  • Release of pro-NT is stimulated by the uptake of fatty acids
  • Risk of disease can be monitored by sphingotest® pro-NT and influenced by diet and   adjustments to lifestyle


Medical Utility

  1. Prediction of risk of obesity, as well as cardiovascular disease and breast cancer
  2. Prevention of disease by keeping pro-NT levels in a “low risk range”, e.g. by adapting nutritional habits or by life-style adjustments

sphingotest® pro-NT Immunoassay

  • sphingotest® pro-NT utilizes a stable fragment of the Neurotensin precursor molecule (Proneurotensin) that is produced in the same ratio as Neurotensin
  • The sphingotest® pro-NT Broschure can be downloaded here


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